Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Morning


Nick and I were up late cleaning up after our little dinner and doing a little last minute gift wrapping.  So the morning came quickly for us. For me, especially. Tyler was up at 5:30AM to eat. Luckily, he fell right back asleep. Me, however.... no... I was too excited. I lay in bed just listening for those little footsteps to come shuffling down the hall and waited for our bedroom door to burst open with some excited kiddos.... But it wasn't until after 7:45 that they started waking up.  I even had to send Addison in to wake up McKenzie.

But before we knew it, we were in a mess of wrapping paper and wonderful gifts!!!

Addison was wonderful at opening presents. But her only problem was getting her past the first one. She opened a gift, then wanted Daddy to "unshackle" it from the box so she could play with it RIGHT NOW!  We had to beg her to come back and open another one!  (Note to self: Addison is totally happy with one present)

But, have no fear, each gift she opened after that had the equal reaction, and thus we had to play/wear it all at once:

Trevor and McKenzie had fun sorting through the gifts under the tree and then opening each one with the biggest grins on their faces.

Santa had just one last gift for the little ones in the basement when all the dust settled...

Tyler slept through all the excitement and had his own gift opening after he woke up mid morning! 

Thank you to everyone for the wonderful gifts and cards! We miss not being with all our family during this time of year, but I'm grateful we were able to have Nick with us and be together as a family!

Christmas night, we had a fabulous lamb dinner with our neighbor's, the Vilas'. It was fabulous! She put on quite a spread! Moving in next to them has been an absolute blessing!


Jim and Julie Turner said...

Loved all the fun pics - sounds like you had a super day!! Thanks for sharing! -and you're very welcome :)

Sara G said...

YOu guys are very lucky to be next to the Vilas (and I am sure they feel the same about you!)

Ladners'Latest said...

I love that the bouncy house fits IN the house :)

Jan said...

I think Santa was good to one and all!