Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Flowers & A Garden

The tulips in my flower beds are popping up all over the place and in full bloom! They are SO pretty! I have tulips of all colors!
Yesterday Nick flew late and didn't have to go in til late afternoon, so we spent the morning mowing, trimming, and getting a vegetable garden started. But Trevor just wanted to look for critters in the giant flower pots left by the owners...
Each time he found something, he had me run and get the camera to take a picture.
Then Addison helped in the search...

(and Angie, if you are reading this, those ARE NOT raised garden beds. They just sort of look like raised garden beds. I think they were here when we moved in actually!)
THIS is a plotted out garden that was already here.... so we dumped in the leftover dirt and have that for more garden space. It just doesn't get quite as much sun as the others.
This morning, Day 2 of spring break, McKenzie went fishing with the neighbors on base. She was up before the sun at 5am, and back by 11am. But we won't be eating any fish for lunch.... it was an unsuccessful trip. Just a few nibbles and one little bass. Nick has been dying to take the kids out sometime. There are lots of lakes and places to fish around here. He just needs the time.

Tyler is on a 'sleeping through the night' streak! FINALLY! However, if Addison isn't up crying in the night, it's Trevor, with a bad dream. So I have yet to benefit from Tyler's huge accomplishment. But I'm still so proud of him!

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Jan said...

love the flowers!