Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fun with Grandma & Grandpa Turner

Yesterday while Mommy was fixing supper, Grandma helped out by feeding Tyler. Well, she tried. With all the excitement going on, Tyler didn't take an afternoon nap... so he was beyond tired. And was cranky and a bit uncooperative.
LOOK at that face!!!
I don't think he got much in his mouth.
Meanwhile, Nick and the kids were trying out the new (to us) 3 in 1 game table.
Pool, Air Hockey & Ping Pong.
McKenzie showed Dad how it was done.
Then later, Grandpa and Trevor played. Grandpa had Trevor laughing so hard he could hardly stand up.
This morning, we all dressed up and went to church.
We had rain last night, but today at noon, the sun came out for a couple hours and later on now, the clouds are rolling back in again for some thunder boomers!

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