Thursday, April 1, 2010


Yesterday morning, Trevor and Addison were eating breakfast together at the table. Their conversation went like this:

Addison: (Babbling annoyingly... and constantly)

Trevor: (Sigh) Addi, could you please stop doing that?!? You are giving me a head-egg.

Addison: Okay

Trevor: Do you know what a head-egg is? It's when someone is talking really loud and you make their head hurt. That is a head-egg.


The other night Nick and I were talking about all the funny things our kids used to/or still say. Some of them have stuck for years now. We made a list, and I know there are still so many we have not remembered, but here is what we came up with that night:

Remote = "Merry Mote" (which we still refer to as Merry Mote to this day)
I Love You = "I You"
Cockroach = "Crotch Croach"
Marshmallow = "Smarshmallow" (still waiting for the book release, mom!)
Grandpa Bob & Grandma Sharon = Grandpa Bob & "Grandma Bob" (which she is referred to by all our kids now)

Yesterday = "Lasterday"
Without = "with about"
ex: Mom, I can't go to school with about my school bag!
Mushroom = "marshmallow"
Headache = "head egg"
Cartoons = "commercials"
ex: Mom, can you turn the TV to my commercials?
Freckles = farckles

I'm hungry = "I'n hungy"

Mommy = "Da-Da" (ok, fine, I'm just kidding)


Melissa Wilson said...

Oh my. Laugh-out-loud funny.
So good! :)

Jan said...

that is hysterical Kim!

Anonymous said...

Do you remember Trevor saying pinepapple for pineapple and aboncoda for avocado? I still laugh at those!

Julie S.

Ladners'Latest said...

Oh I was there for Trevor's "aboncoda" *tear
Missin' you guys!