Friday, April 2, 2010

Treats for "E" Week

Trevor was assigned treats this week for his pre-school. They were studying the letter "E", so the treats had to be related to, or start with the letter of the week.

He goes 3 days a week. So, Tuesday, he brought his treats: Easter nests. We made rice krispies (& fruity pebbles because we ran out of rice krispies) nests with green coconut and jellybean eggs, with a birdie peep on top!

*NOTE: We also had the class (stuffed) pet, Duffy for the weekend, so he helped us make the treats too.The treats were a huge hit! BUT.... when I picked him up, his teacher said to me: "For tomorrow's treats, do you think you could bring some drinks too!"

(Pause) uh.... am I supposed to make treats all weeks?!?!?!?

"Sure!" I replied. Thank goodness she asked me to bring drinks TOO, because if she hadn't, the poor kiddos would have had NOTHING at all for the rest of the week! I had no idea I had to do treats for the whole week.

Okay then! So for Wednesday I attempted to make Eclairs. And this is how they turned out. They looked lovely and puffy coming out of the oven.. then ppppllllllllllllllll. They deflated and got wrinkly.
So once the kids were in bed, I ran to the grocery store and (breathe...) bought some. Along with some drink boxes for the next to days.

There are no pictures. I am ashamed.

So that brings us to Thursday. Easter bunny, Elephant, Eggs (cracked) & "E" cookies.

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Ladners'Latest said...

Very cute! I bought a new baking book and they had a great recipe for ├ęclairs (Not that I've ever even attempted those) but I thought of you nonetheless.