Sunday, January 9, 2011

Grandma "Bob"

This morning Addison wanted her nails painted.  After being denied by Mommy and McKenzie, she knew she could get a YES from Grandma!  So Grandma gave her a mini manicure...
 Watching T.V. while getting her nails filed.
 Then... she insisted she returned the favor... so Grandma played it safe with a clear coat!
 Look at that concentration!!!
But when it came time for Mommy to get her nails done... Addison chose a lovely dark purple! (not too bad for a 3 year old!)
 Again, the deep concentration...
 The final product!
 A little while later she sweet talked her big sister into letting her paint her nails too!
Addison was a bit upset later on when she noticed McKenzie didn't have her nails painted like they were earlier.... so she tried going back and painting them again, but McKenzie said no!

So... we baked a German Chocolate cake FROM SCRATCH for Grandpa Bob's birthday (which was on the 1st) As you can imagine, there were lots of helpers!
 We had to plug our ears for the mixer....
 And Trevor got a lesson on how to separate egg whites and egg yolks! He did pretty good!
The cake was baked, and frosting made... so we all took turns frosting each layer...
 Of course the picture of Trevor was lost in cyber space... but Tyler even helped with the top layer.
 Hope you like the slices that Grandma brings back for you Grandpa!!!
Happy Belated Birthday!!!! We love you!!!
All the kids with Grandma before she left for the airport!
Thank you Mom for coming out and helping out with EVERYTHING while Nick was recovering.  You made things so much easier for ALL of us! You are the best! Love you!

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Ginny said...

The photo of Grandma Bob and the kids is adorable.