Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hip Hop Performance

Two weeks ago McKenzie tried out a hip hop dance class at the same studio that Addison takes her dance classes.  She loved it, so she wanted to keep going.  They were working on the finishing touches to a dance they were going to be doing for a Health Fair at one of the local elementary schools.  Well, she had 2 practices and 2 quick rehearsals to get the dance memorized...
And last night Addison and I went with her to watch her dance. 

Nick was less than thrilled with the amount of makeup they have to wear! ha ha
She was so nervous, but I think she was a little excited too.  
Their recital will be June 11th! I can't wait! How fun!

***I will post the video in the following post 
(had to do it a little differently because of its size)

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