Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ice Cream from Space

Uncle Mikey sent Daddy a get well package (nice card Mike!!!) and included some astronaut ice cream packages.

We let the kids try them out last night after dinner.
They were really excited about it until they opened up the package and saw what it looked like... but they were good sports and tried it anyways.
It was definitely not what they were expecting, but they didn't think it was too bad.  Even Tyler tried it... and LOVED IT! He actually ate the rest of what Addison and Trevor didn't eat. He couldn't get enough!
Yesterday Nick finished his table that he had been working on...
It's huge, and I love it! It's just over 3 feet tall and 52 inches wide. To give you an idea of how big it is, I asked for some props...
This is what happens when you ask for one little kiddo to assist you in a photo... you get them ALL!

Why are they all home from school today you ask??? Well, let me tell you....

Yesterday we had snow in the forecast [insert Halloween scream]... around 10am huge flakes fell from the sky for about 5 minutes.  My cell phone goes off with a text message from Stafford County: All Stafford County schools will be letting out 2 hours early due to the weather.

So all the kids were home by early afternoon.  Granted, we did get a few more 5 minute episodes of giant snowflakes, and one brief moment of freezing rain throughout the day.

5am, my cell phone goes off again with this: All Stafford County schools are canelled today.

And this is what we woke up to...
 Oh the insanity! The horror! I don't know how the kids would have made it out to the bus stop in all that snow.  I mean, the bus probably wouldn't have even made it out!!! Start up those snow blowers, the sidewalks need to be cleared!!!
Sorry, I just don't understand this. 


Wil said...

Ah the joys of living in VA! =) Brings back memories from TBS when flurries would cause a run at the commissary on bread, milk and water. - Krista

Melissa Wilson said...

LOL - way too funny! :)