Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our prayers have been answered!

After being let down week after week of forecasting snow and never getting anything.... last evening, literally minutes after the kids were all home from school, the giant snowflakes began to fall! And before that it had been raining and sleeting most of the day. So, of course, it made for EXCELLENT sledding snow this morning!

The kids got up, ate breakfast, and immediately got in their snow gear. We were finally going to get to try out all the sleds we got for Christmas...  the base was closed until noon, so Nick headed out with Addison and Trevor first.

 And Nick even went on a few solo flights down the hill in the saucer sled.
 Which didn't always end so well...
 Trevor went screaming (vocally and speed-wise) down the hill in this sled...
 Then all 3 of them tried it out...

 But who wants to watch from the window inside??? Not Mommy and Tyler... so we both bundled up and headed out to join in on the fun. Tyler loved the little red toddler sled we brought out.  We took turns pulling him around and he would say, "Weeeeeeeeeeee (breathe) weeeeeeeeeeee" and when you stopped, he would rock front to back to try to start it up again!

 Then it was time for the big stuff... so Mommy took him down the big hill on the big sled.  He looks terrified doesn't he?
 We didn't hit the fence very hard at all, I guess I was being a bit dramatic in my facial expressions! But Tyler was all smiles when I pulled down his scarf!
 Addison just had a BALL playing in the snow!
Next it was Mommy's turn to try out the saucer...
(I was spinning at an exponential rate on the way down, hence the stupid dizzy look on my face)
Yes, I just posted this pic of myself! Ha!
 and yet another ending at the fence....
 Addison coming to check on me... I was waiting for the world to stop spinning.
 Okay... let's do it again!!!
 Trevor attempting the spin...

 Then, the attempt on the little butt sleds...
 These make a great ab workout to keep your legs up out of the snow on the way down.
Last, I wanted to try going down standing up... Nick said it was fun, but harder than it looked.
 (Nick switched to black and white on this ride...)
 It was definitely harder than it looked... so this one didn't end well either!
Not so bad for a "fun hater" huh? 
(according to my 13 year old who once told me that... why? because I was a "mother of 4") Where was she? In her room because she was so not going to wear snow pants... how embarrassing!!!!

Who's the fun hater now!?!?

Thank you Nick for taking pictures of me with the kiddos so that the world knows that I do exist!


Krista said...

That looks like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Wish I could have been there to join in all the fun! We got about an inch of snow here and it is disappearing fast!

Julie S.

DeAnne said...

FUN...FUN...FUN! You are only as old as you feel.....are you feeler older since you've stopped sledding?? Feelin' the pain? Great Pics!

Ladners'Latest said...

So much fun! (I want more snow!!!) Now all you guys need is a 4 wheeler and an old car hood. lol

Ginny said...

I think you should move the fence. It seems to get in the way alot.