Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Addison has been playing a lot with the plastic farm animals lately. She carries them around in her 'lankie' (blankie), they sit on the bathroom counter while she does her business, they line up on the floor while she watches a movie, and lay down in a synchronized swimmer like pattern on her nightstand when she goes to bed.

However, we've noticed she calls them by the sounds they make.

A while back, she was sobbing uncontrollably looking for one of her toys.  It was hard enough to understand her when she was crying, but when she kept saying "May-hays" I had no idea what she was wanting.

Later that night, a light bulb lit up above my head.... she was looking for her horses!

She calls:

Cats - Meows
Cows - Moos  *She has mommy moos, baby moos, daddy moos, sister moos
Horses - May-hays (and she says it just like its spelled, no animal like sounds to it, just... may- hay. See why we struggled to figure out what she was wanting? Now, whether she wanted her Mommy may-hay or her baby may-hay, I don't know. She just wanted her may-hays.

I'd be interested to see what she would say when I show her a giraffe and ask her what it's called.

I suppose we should encourage her to call them by their respected names, but for now, it's just too cute. And the names may just stick, like what we call the remote (thanks to a little McKenzie).... marymote.

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Wil said...

Abigail calls them "Naremotes" =)