Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

On this day of hugs and kisses, it is currently 61 degrees in Virginina!

The kids went out the door today with their arms full of Valentine's! I stayed up last night baking fresh sugar cookies for Trevor's Classroom Valentine Party! They are having an ice cream party with toppings galore, and decorating sugar cookies too!

I made a couple giant frosted sugar cookies for Trevor's teachers.  When I offered to bake the sugar cookies for their party, she sent a note home telling me how many they would need, and if I wanted to include any extras 'just in case'... she would be okay with that as well!

Here are the kids' Valentine's I made for them to take to their classmates this year:
Aren't they the cutest things!!!!
The kids had a blast helping me put the suckers in their photos!

McKenzie opted NOT to do the photo.. and just took the leftover suckers to school to give to her friends.

When I was taking the pictures of Trevor and Addison, of course, Tyler wanted to have a chance as well! Getting him to hold his fist the right way, was a bit difficult, all while trying to look at the camera... too many instructions for an 18 month old.

Addison got all dressed up in hearts and fru fru... she LOVES wearing her fancy skirts, so I had her hold a giant cookie (for her teacher) for a photo op:

Nick was scheduled to be on duty today and tomorrow, so we went out to eat at Olive Garden with the kiddos, AND... I got my little Valentine gift from Nick last night...
My own box of oatmeal creme pies (my biggest weakness)... and a nice little card!
Thank you honey!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!


Melissa Wilson said...

Cute... cute... love the valentines!!!

Ladners'Latest said...

Oh, the cards turned out so well! I love them! And I love that Nick got you your oatmeal creme pies ;)

DeAnne said...

Where do you come up with these ideas??? That is the cutest thing I have ever seen for Valentines!
You So Smart!!

Anonymous said...

What cute valentine's! Enjoy your cream pies. I just finished a box last week. Should be good for another year now!

Julie S.