Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bring on Spring

I'm done waiting for more snow, and given up any hope that we'll have the winter we had last year with inches and inches of snow (I went without for 6 years... I MISS THE SNOW)... but if this weather keeps up (currently 73 degrees) forget it!  Bring me some Spring!

After Tyler got up from his nap, Addison and I took him outside to get some fresh air.  After I went around and opened up all the windows in the house.

Tyler attempted to carry this ball up the hill...
 And as it rolled down... he proceeded to 'scootch' down the hill to catch it.

"Mom, take my picture!"
"Mom, here's a dead crispy leaf flower for your hair.... now let me take your picture!"
 Oops, there you go.
Next it was time to play in the flower bed...

Me: Addison, stand behind the tree and peek over the side toward me.
Addison: Like this?
Me: uh, no...
 There you go!

But look at me... or not.
(I have like 6 shots just like this.. none of which she looked at me)
Okay, next? 
The slide!

Then the ramp to the shed!
UP the ramp!
Down the ramp...
He was so proud!

Snuggles on the hammock...

 Then a quick rest...

Suddenly, McKenzie was home from school and racing up the hill toward us!

 And giving rides on the swing..
 And pushing them REALLY HIGH!
 But she liked it!
 Then rolling the ball UP and DOWN the big hill...
Then it was almost time for Trevor to get home from school... so we loaded up the wagon and went for a walk around the neighborhood while we waited for the bus.

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