Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friday Highlights

This post is dedicated to my impatient, 'blog slacker' calling, sweet blog stalker follower Kelly!  She is partying with my dear friend Alaina in Nashville this weekend for Alaina's BIG 30th -eh hem, 25th? BIRTHDAY BASH... wish I could have joined you all this weekend, but someone has to stay home with the kids, they can't watch themselves!!!

Tyler came walking into the kitchen sporting a new summer fashion statement. I really think the black socks top off the whole look!

And after replenishing the batteries in this old toy, Tyler and Addison had so much fun playing with this ball shooting contraption until...
Addison got her arm stuck in the tube trying to reach the balls inside. She carried the toy to me, attached to her arm.

And the good blogger mom that I am... grabbed the camera for a quick photo op before separating her new appendage.

Tyler hiding from Mommy in the cabinet he KNOWS he is not supposed to be in... if you can't tell, he's screaming MOOOOOOM, MOOOOOM, MOOOOOOOM, MOOOOOOOM!

Then Addison says, "Hey, it's my turn to hide! Mom come find me!"


Anonymous said...

Never a dull moment at your house. We should trade spaces once in a while!

Julie S.

Ginny said...

Love the photo of Tyler in his summer outfit. And love your comment about being a good blogger mom with her camera always ready.

Alaina said...

Haha....I love that Kellye got a shout out in this post! We wish you had come with us too! :(