Saturday, August 2, 2008

Survived First Week of School

Well, we survived the first week of school! McKenzie is enjoying being back in school with her friends, and really likes her new teacher! She has not had any homework this first week, which she is very happy about, but that will all change come Monday!

Trevor is slowly getting used to the morning routine. He is not much of a morning person some days. He isn't too excited about going to school at first, but then once we are on our way there, he can't wait! Then, when we come to pick him up, he doesn't want to leave! So that makes me feel good about having him go! I'm glad he is enjoying it!

Last night we went to the pre-school open house and met his teacher and his class aide. He is being a good boy, but at times has to be separated from his buddy Hudson, as they just want to play together and talk. So we will work on that!

The Tumble Bus came to the pre-school Thursday for the kids to play in. The Tumble Bus is a school bus that has been transformed into a gym on wheels. This program is being offered to the pre-schoolers once a week. Trevor came home with a sticker and could NOT stop talking about how much fun it was!!!

He brought home his first pre-school creation yesterday:

"Circle, Line & Messy Wolf"

I have gotten into a nice morning routine with two older kids gone. Addison takes her morning nap, which is lasting a little longer, which I love, that means I am able to get some things done around the house!

Yesterday, we brought Hudson home with us after pre-school, so the boys were able to play a little while in the back yard. I think they always have a great time together!Wednesday night, the kids and I went into the Trammells, we watched the kids for a couple hours. Kenzie had fun taking pics of the boys. Here is an interesting picture of how he's grown!!!Miss Hannah was very photogenic. I tried to take pictures of Hannah and Addison together, but they are both so mobile now, that as soon as I set them beside each other, they took off, in different directions!!!

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