Friday, February 20, 2009

Addison & A Secret Package

Addison has been enjoying being able to play outside with Trevor and Kenzie lately. She is really getting around now , practically running, and loves wearing her crocs! On this particular day, the kids got all the balls out and she ran all over, pushing the lawn mower and running into the balls.

She's also taken up helping mommy clean. So likes to push the swiffer around the floor..... and the rug! She also likes picking up little things off the floor, hand them to me, and say "Thank you" even though she's the one 'giving'!

This morning I received my first Secret Spouse package!!! Some of the wives in the squadron are doing a Secret Spouse package swap throughout the deployment. We have a designated spouse we surprise each month with goodies. At the end of the deployment, they try to guess who it was!

In my first adorable package, I got all kinds of delicious chocolates and the movie Sleepless in Seattle! Love it!!!

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Ladners'Latest said...

Fun package...which reminds me...I need to get on that! So surprise, it's not me :)