Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy 12th Birthday McKenzie!

McKenzie turned 12 today.  After school, she opened her presents, did her homework, and then after unpacking a few more boxes and setting up a room or two, we all cleaned up, climbed over mountains of packing boxes and paper, and headed to Kobe Japanese Steakhouse for a birthday dinner celebration.

McKenzie invited her new BFF Maliah from next door to come with us.

We had fun drinks with cherries and umbrellas:

And yummy onion soup, which Addison surprisingly loved:

Then it was fire time...

Which Addison DIDN'T like so much:

After a delicious meal, the staff came out with a bongo drum of sorts and we all sang happy birthday to a very red faced, embarressed McKenzie... but she got Key Lime Cheesecake out of it!

Then we headed home to our piles of household items and cardboard boxes.... and enjoyed a little cuddle time with Grandma.

Happy Birthday to my little stop growing!!!!


Jim and Julie Turner said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KENZIE!!!! Gunna come out for a ride soon? (from Brandy)

You sure looked like a happy camper in those birthday dinner pics! Sure hope you had a great day! Aunt Julie & Uncle Jim

Ginny said...

What great photos of McKenzie's birthday. I got a kick out of the one with Addison and the fire. I'm not surprised. Those flames can be intense!!
Loved the photo also of Grandma Sharon and the two little ones.