Sunday, November 15, 2009

Leaving On A Jetplane... oh wait... nevermind.

4:45am Awake and getting kids up and dressed to head to the airport
5:45am Drive to Des Moines airport
6:30am Arrive in airport and check in.
7:30am Board plane and leave the gate
7:40am Return to gate... Engine no worky...deplane...wait....
8:45am Still waiting.... and waiting...
10:45am.... waiting (yawn) and chasing Addison
12:30pm Flight cancelled, part wouldn't be in until 3:30pm, got tickets for same flight next day.

We ate at the restaurant with our meal vouchers while we waited for our ride home. (Thank you Melissa!!!) Here is Addison about 2 minutes into our drive back to Colo. It's been a LONG day.... and we can't wait to start over again in the morning. (sarcasm) Hopefully tomorrow will end with a better outcome and an arrival in Virginia!


Ladners'Latest said... looks COLD! Good luck getting out tomorrow.

Jan said...

Poor baby! I am so sorry this happened but you will be in VA today God willing and the creek don't rise! LOL

I was wonderful seeing you all last week!