Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm Slacking...

Forgive me for my lack of posts this past week.  Things have been extremely busy! This week Nick spoke at 7 Veteran's Day programs.

Griswold Middle & High School
Elliott and Lewis Elementary Schools
Red Oak Middle & High School + community.
And finally, the Montgomery County Veteran's Day program in Griswold. Click HERE for a great outline and photos from that evening on my sister-in-law's blog! She did a great job of taking pictures! You'll feel like you were there!  (Had I had just one more arm/hand... I could have taken some pics as well!) Oh well! Thanks Julie for burning all the pics on a disc for me!!!

I hope to post video from that soon as well.

Thursday, he was on the local radio with his dad talking about growing up a small town kid, his experiences in the Marine Corps, and Veteran's Day. I also will have audio of that posted once we get to Virginia.

I am so proud of all that he has done and was very impressed with his speaking abilities.  Even though the kids (mostly Addison) made it impossible for me to listen to half of his speeches, I was glad to have gotten to hear the ones I did.  Once again, he always manages to amaze me with more of his abilities!!!! Who'da thunk!?

He even got asked to sign several autographs (tee hee)

However, after all that, he doesn't have much of a voice. Poor guy!

McKenzie spent 3 nights at Nick's brother's house and helped her Aunt Julie with the horse chores and got to go trailriding (THE HIGHLIGHT OF HER STAY!) Check out Julie's blog HERE for that post! (Julie has stepped in and been the ultimate super blogger this past week!!)

We drove up to Colo for one more night and then Friday morning Nick, McKenzie & Trevor hopped in the truck with a loaded down trailer (thanks Dad) and headed East. They made it to Columbus, Ohio and checked into a hotel for the night.

Today, they are finishing up the 17+ hour trip and should arrive in Stafford, Virginia this evening.  My mother, Addison, Tyler and I are flying out in the morning.... because 2 hours in a plane with a baby and an "Addison" sounds so much easier than 17+ hours in the cab of a truck.

The moving truck will arrive Tuesday morning... be prepared for pics from that fun adventure! We'll be up to our eyeballs (and beyond) in boxes and paper!!!! Let the fun begin!


Jim and Julie Turner said...
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Jim and Julie Turner said...

Slacker? - uh, don't think so!! The Engergizer Bunny couldn't keep up with you! Many thanks for the kind words - I learned to blog from the best:Kim, the Blog Queen!We miss you guys already! -And Brandy and the gang all miss you Kenzie!! Have a safe trip y'all!

Ladners'Latest said...

Slacking...sounds like something I'm pretty good at! Julie and I were just talking yesterday about how we haven't had a blog update in a while.. ;) Have a safe trip to VA! Miss you