Sunday, November 1, 2009

To Turner Mountain...

We headed down to Nick's parents today (the Original Turner Mountain). It was a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!! The thermometer hit 71 degrees today!!! It was the perfect day for Nick and 3 of his brothers and his nephew, and Max, the self proclaimed hunting dog, to head out for some pheasant hunting.

Nick, Jim, Philip & Tim

Meanwhile, Nick's mother prepared a fabulous lunch for us all! She insisted it was just a simple preparation, but it was close to a Thanksgiving feast if you ask me! YUM!!!

After lunch, and dessert(s), the boys helped clean up the kitchen by doing the dishes and putting the table away... and here is proof!!!

(we were so proud!)
Then they had to get some target shooting in... no cats were targeted this outing.

McKenzie got to shoot her pistol Nick got for her; a Beretta 22:

She was even gracious enough to let me shoot a couple rounds:

That's right, don't mess with us!!!

Once the shooting was done, the kids got to roam the farm and kept themselves entertained outside:
McKenzie gave the kids rides on the mower... Addison was thrilled with this experience!

It was so nice out this evening, that it turned into a little "Fall Cleaning" frenzy:
Luckily, Nick had lots of helpers:

Nick... has....created... FIRE!

The beautiful Iowa sunset

Addison's thoughts: "Just a little GREEN paint, and we'll be good to go!"


Anonymous said...

Guns and girls, oh my! Looks like y'all had fun and glad to hear no cats were used for target practice!

Julie S.

Ladners'Latest said...

Awesome! I need a gun ;) Looks like you guys had a great day!

Anonymous said...

Love the photo of Addi with the old red tractor. I can't believe Mom and Dad still have it. I think it was nick's or they bought it for Grant when he was little... I have a photo of both Tom and Alex on that tractor too..