Monday, November 2, 2009

Turner Mountain Day 2

Not too much went on today. It was a nice lazy day.  Nick loaded up some barn boards he wants to save and came across an Asian Beetle Convention:

If only Trevor had his bug box...
(I think it would have gotten a bit crowded in there, though)

Meanwhile, Addison was inside, helping Grandpa Larry finish his lunch. No, she did not just wake up from her nap, and no the camera is not playing tricks on you.... she had a cute little piggytail on her head, and decided to pull it out.  Her hair is SO not cooperative. (Pardon the lighting with Nick's cell phone camera)

Tyler had some good discussions with Grandpa as well:

OH! Speaking of Tyler... he rolled over from his belly to his back today! I had him on the floor, went up to get ready for bed, and when I came down, Nick announced he was on his belly, and when he looked back over at him, he was on his back.  So, no one actually saw him roll over, but come on. It happened.