Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What's Growing in my Yard!?!

Today is 70+ degrees, so Tyler and I just went for a walk around the house to take pictures of the pretties we have in our yard.

This tree is in our backyard... this was what it looked like a couple days ago in the strong winds...
And this is what the flowers look like today... in the beautiful sun all opened up!
My lovely smelling hyacinths. These are scattered around my front flower beds. (Keep in mind, this is all what popped up on its own from the owners.) The neighbors say 'my' yard will be so beautiful!

This looks like what I think is called a "Cone Flower?" Correct me if I'm wrong. Which I can very easily be (when it comes to flowers).
This tree is also in my front yard... with pretty little clusters of white flowers. The bees love these!
This tree is also in the front. It has thick shiny waxy leaves, and this one crazy little cone looking thing sprouting in the middle of it. And I checked... there is only one of these things in the whole tree.Then (also in the front) I have these little cuties popping up all over the flower beds.
And, something that I actually planted on my own... my little herbs in my kitchen window. The kids helped plant these the first week of March. We have Parsley, Chives & Basil. And that healthy photo hog of a plant peeking from the right side is the parsley plant I bought at the store the other day. I needed fresh parsley... so I bought an actual plant for the same price of a little package of fresh parsley sprigs! Hope it lasts a while!
So for an overview, this is the flower bed I have in front of our front porch.
This is the little flower bed in the front just below the dining room window.
And this is the flower bed in the backyard with all the daffodils, and soon, tulips! YAY!
This weekend is supposed to be near 80, and sunny. I plan to spend most of it outside. AND, with spring break next week for the kids, I think McKenzie and I will rake up the leftover leaves and old mulch and have Nick help us lay down new mulch to make the flower beds all pretty! And maybe plant some annuals!

Ooh! And I have big plans for a fun flower arrangement out front. Standby...


Lesley and Zachary said...

Love that first tree! I think it's called a Jane Magnolia, but a lot of people down here call them Tulip Trees. Beautiful!

Ladners'Latest said...

How pretty! I love spring. And don't worry...that parsley will last FOREVER...mine completely TOOK OVER my herb garden!

Melissa Wilson said...

Beautiful yard! I want to see updates as we get into summer... :)