Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Addison is 3!

Three years ago today, we had a beautiful baby girl just 6 weeks after Nick returned form his first deployment to Iraq! 
Addison Elizabeth
8 lbs 9.8 oz
1 year
2 years

...Today our little Addison turned THREE!
She got a candle on her donuts this morning!
Last night I had made her some pink sparkly cupcakes! After breakfast, we packaged a few up and took them to dance class with us to share with her ballerina friends! They LOVED them!
After dance we had lunch... followed by some pink sparkly cupcakes...
Then Daddy came home after being gone a couple days on duty and brought Addison a Disney Princess Pillow and matching sleeping bag!

A singing telegram from Grandma and Grandpa "Bob" came this afternoon, 

Once McKenzie and Trevor were home from school, she opened up her gifts!
 Trevor was her handy dandy assistant
 She loved her dress up clothes from G'ma an G'pa 'Bob'
 She served us all (wooden) cake from her new birthday cake play set (in her heels) and then played Elefun with Trevor and Tyler.
For dinner I made her favorite meal: Meatballs & Cheesy Potatoes
And she was still wearing her dress up clothes until she went to bed.

Happy Birthday to Princess Addi!


Wil said...

How cute! Happy Birthday Addison!


Ladners'Latest said...

Awww...I remember the day she was born. (BECAUSE WE MISSED IT) I remember talking to you from Mississippi to find out if you had a girl or boy! She has grown so much! And I love her cute dress up clothes.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Addi had a great birthday. She is such a little ham!

Julie S.

Aunt Jan said...

Happy Birthday Addi