Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree(s)

Nick and Addison went on a tree hunt yesterday to look for a very tall tree to go in our 20 foot living room! They returned with this 12 foot Douglas Fir!  This is the first ever REAL LIFE tree for the Turner Family! It smells wonderful and I'm sure this is the start of a new tradition.
It didn't take them long to get it placed in the stand and ready for trimming... but we had to get ready for our squadron's annual Charity Basket Party.  We raised over $6,800 for the Semper Fi Fund! Nick and I didn't win a basket, but the money spent was for a wonderful cause and we had a really great time!

This morning the kiddos and I got up and started trimming the tree.  I dug out some red and white lights, and saved all our handmade ornaments and helicopters and other 'special' ornaments for this great big tree.
(I need a much bigger tree skirt for this.  I dug out my grandmother's handmade quilted tree skirt, hoping it would work, but it's way too small.)

I put our big pre-lit tree up in our 'sitting room'  by the front door soon after we returned from our Thanksgiving trip!  It is trimmed with red and gold. Notice the bottom is a little bare.  After losing a few ornaments to Tyler's bouncing experiments, I had to move them upward. (I knew better)

Last year after Christmas, I got this little fiber optic tree for 75% off. The kids love it!

This tree is upstairs in the hallway between the kids' bedrooms.
 This is the nativity set my mom got me last year! LOVE IT!  
(And these trees don't count as Christmas trees... even though Nick thinks they do!)
I have a lot more decorating to do. So there will be more pictures to come! I just can't believe Christmas is only 20 days away! I better get some more shopping done!


Ladners'Latest said...

Hooray for the live Christmas tree! We put up ours so early that it's already shedding!

Lesley and Zachary said...

Beautiful! And we all know that you're right and Nick is wrong about what counts as a Christmas tree. (: