Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning

Our Christmas morning wasn't too early! Addison arrived in our bedroom around 7am... Trevor woke up soon after, and by 730, they were in waking up McKenzie and Tyler...
By 745am, they were squealing with delight over what Santa had brought during the night!

 Here is the furry pink trunk full of dress up clothes from Alaska... which you will see in future blog posts I'm sure, that Addison will now be living in this wardrobe!

See what I'm saying!
Thank you everyone for all the wonderful gifts! The kids were thrilled with everything! We missed being around our family this year, but were able to talk to most of you on the phone, or send messages in one form or another!

 I got Nick a beautiful White House humidor for all his cigars! It's the same one he got to put in the Cigar Basket he put together for the squadron's charity basket auction.  He was so disappointed when he didn't win his own basket full of goodies.... so Santa made up for that!
As for me, Nick got me a charm bracelet with Marine Corps charms that represent every duty station we have been to (or squadron)! I hinted at this several times in the past few months, but never expected to get this many charms from the start!

From left to right: HMX-1 Patch, Marine Cover representing Quantico, Aviator Wings, Eagle Globe & Anchor, USMC tags, CH-53E helicopter, and a lei to represent Marine Corps Base Hawaii!

After the gifts were all opened, and the dust settled, the kids went off and tried out their new games and watched a couple movies....

McKenzie got a Wii game called JUST DANCE... you have to dance along to all the dance moves during the song.... it was pretty fun. 

McKenzie jammin' to M.C. Hammer's HAMMER TIME!
video video

Addison dancing along with McKenzie

And Trevor tried it out too....
Then, without my knowing,  Nick taped my debut...
And just for the record, it's harder than it looks, you don't get much guidance on your dance moves until you see the girl on the game do it! I'm just sayin... 


Ladners'Latest said...

Merry Christmas! And thank you, Nick, for that awesome dance video!!!

Krista said...

That charm bracelet is such a great idea and kudos to Nick for finally getting the hint!

Anonymous said...

Shake your groove thang!

Julie S.