Monday, December 13, 2010

Texas Wedding

This weekend Nick and I flew to a good friend's wedding in Texas.  Nick's parents flew out to stay with our kiddos while we were away for 2 nights.  Ben (the groom) asked Nick to be his best man. 

Nick first met Ben in flight school when they were in Corpus Christie, TX.  Then they both got stationed in Hawaii and did 2 deployments together to Okinawa and Iraq. Ben helped Nick with our addition on our home in Hawaii. And while our husbands were deployed, Ben always checked in on us girls to make sure we were doing okay, so in return, when Ben deployed, we took care of him and made sure his fridge was stocked when he returned.

We arrived in Fort Worth on Friday afternoon in time for the rehearsal at the beautiful Ashton Hotel. *The bride-to-be mentioned seeing one of our favorite comedians, Ron White, in the lobby there earlier in the week!

After the rehearsal, we gorged ourselves at Cattlemen's Steakhouse.

After recovering from eating too much food, we met up with our dear friend Alaina, who also made the trip to Texas for the wedding, and one of her local friends....And we drug Ben out on somewhat of a bachelor party!  We started out at Pete's Dueling Piano Bar, which was an absolute BLAST! Then Alaina begged and pleaded with us to go to a Karaoke bar just two doors down.  And although we feared the velvet couches in that place, we managed to have a blast listening to Alaina sing, and watching her work her magic to drag Ben and Nick up there with her to duet as well!  Then there's always those few people who sang that should never come near a microphone again (no, not me....strangers!).... but they made the night 'entertaining' as well.

I think we left that place sometime after 1am! Yikes!

The next morning, Nick and I went downtown to the Stockyards and walked around all the neat shops there.  We managed to pick up a pair of cowboy boots for Nick, and me some cowgirl boots! 


AND... the highlight of MY day there.... we saw the country singer Pat Green in line behind us while purchasing Nick's boots! *swoon* 

That afternoon Nick and Ben met up for a relaxing afternoon of man talk and cigars at a nearby sports bar.... what did I do?

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.... and I loved every minute of it!  I lounged on a super comfy king size bed between about 5 pillows, with my Starbuck's hot caramel mocchiato and some little vanilla bean scones and watched some TV.  
It. Was. Heaven!

Later, Nick came back and got in his penguin suit, then Alaina came over and we got ready and headed over to the wedding.  Ben looked handsome, with not a worry in the world... and his bride was GORGEOUS! The wedding was absolutely wonderful and it was a great event to witness!
The cake table
Here's a close up of the fabulous groom cake... a CH53D!
We partied on at the reception with Christmas music, fabulous food, and yummy gingerbread cookies made by the bride herself!  

Nick had Alaina and I in tears during his rockin' best man speech. (All that military talk)
(Only Nick can wing a speech and nail it!)
 Mr. & Mrs. Turner <3
 The Hawaii crew (we miss you Drew!)
 Me & Alaina
 The handsome best man
 The happy groom and his best man
But... by 10PM, the guests had headed home, but wouldn't you know the night was still young for us! Nick, Alaina and I called up our friend Sara who lives 20 minutes away (who also used to be in Hawaii with us) and we headed out to Lonestar (which has like 7 bars in 1) and did some more Karaoke, dueling pianos, and even ended our night with some dancing! (Thanks Nick for watching our purses while us girls danced the night away!) That night it was well after 2am by the time we made it back to our room! 
Sara Krahulec, Me & Alaina Ladner
The next day we headed home to our kiddos! It was a fun filled relaxing weekend that was much needed! We witnessed two wonderful people get married, and met up with some old friends who I miss dearly every day!  I can't thank Larry and Judy enough for letting us have that opportunity! (But that still doesn't count for a honeymoon Nick!.... I'm still waiting for that trip!)

Head on over to Alaina's blog for several more pictures from our weekend in Fort Worth!


Ladners'Latest said...

I wish we could get together like that at LEAST once a month!

Anonymous said...

Great pics of the weekend. Sure wish I could have been there. Miss all of you!

Julie S.

Melissa Wilson said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! Cute dress! :)

Anonymous said...

Me too Alaina and Julie!!! So great to see you and Kim and wish I would have felt well on Friday too. I'm ready for a reunion with everyone when yall are! Love my hawaii girls <3 Sara