Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tyler - Human Food Disposal

The kids chose applesauce for their evening snack...

Addison was late getting to the table for her share, so when Tyler had finished his, he climbed up in Addison's chair and helped himself.

Oops, you got a little on your chin, there...

I'm just guessing here, but I am thinking the giant bites are so he can eat the most applesauce before getting caught... but again, it's just a guess.

"Hey! You are eating my applesauce!!!!"

He also enjoys feeding himself yogurt.  If the door to the pantry is ever left open, you can believe Tyler will be the first one to discover that.  He will sneak in, and bring out a yogurt from the little fridge, bring it to you, and then make a bee line for the silverware drawer for a spoon.  Now, if only he could get the foil seal off the yogurt, he could be completely self serve!

After a while, a spoon just gets to be too much of a hassle. 
I had really great video of this, but as I went to load it on my computer, I realized there was NO memory card in the camera when I took it. ARGH! So just imagine him slurp slurp slurping on this yogurt cup.

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Mandy Owens said...

soooooo cute! i love it!