Saturday, March 19, 2011


This morning Trevor and Addison (and I guess Tyler) helped me put together a new laundry sorter I bought yesterday.  The old one was on it's last leg and the electrical tape I had used to hold it together these past couple weeks was just not doing the job anymore...

So when the construction of the NEW laundry sorter was done, I let the kids take care of the DE-construction of the old one.

When they had most of the pieces apart and in a pile on the floor, they insisted they NEEDED to keep the bottom part intact to use for their "doctor" gurney.

So, now, as I am typing this post, the kids are taking turns riding across the floor in the gurney. And when I mean riding,  I mean taking turns hurling each other across the floor as hard as they can push it!

But its fun, right?!

Tyler before his first 'ambulance ride'.

Addison, the paramedic & Tyler the patient.
You can sort of see Tyler covering his eyes with his hands... 
he's a wise little boy... it IS probably better not to look.

Dr. Trevor taking over at the 'hospital'.
Apparently he's left his lab coat at home.
Fun, fun!


Anonymous said...

That is fun! I remember using my dad's "Creeper" in the garage as my gurney and our pickup had a camper top, so that was the ambulance!

Julie S.

Lesley and Zachary said...

Hopefully they don't need a real ambulance after playing this game!