Saturday, March 26, 2011

Together Again...

The weekend of my birthday extravaganza, my friend, Gina and her daughter Helen flew in.  They currently live in California, but she lived up the road from me in Hawaii and we were walking buddies during our husband's last deployment.  I was so glad that she and her youngest flew out to the East Coast for a few days!  If you remember, Helen was Trevor's #1 Gal Pal in Hawaii.

When I told Trevor she was coming, he was so excited! They came over to our house one afternoon to hang out.  That morning Trevor knew just what he wanted to wear. 

He watched for them out the front window and ran out to give her a big hug when they pulled up.  The first thing he said to her was "Wow, you have grown so tall!" He was so quick, that I didn't get a chance to grab the camera for that one... darn!
 They ate some lunch down in the toy room and had a great time together!!!

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