Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kitchen Helpers

Here is Addison with her stylin' new outfit from Grandma Turner, (Thank you Grandma!) .... ready to go to dance on Tuesday. She wanted to take pictures of each other at the same time!

Yes, her shoes are on the wrong feet, but she thought otherwise... and I wasn't going to try to argue anymore with that.

Last night after supper Addison and Trevor helped bake some Red Velvet Whoopie Pies (a mix I got from Target after Valentine's Day 1/2 OFF)  As you can see, Addison is on her 2nd dress for the day...
 And neither of them licked the beaters after I was done mixing up the batter... really... they didn't... why would you think that???

We had an assembly line going... Mom would put the frosting on, they would sprinkle the chocolate chips, then squish the cookie lid on!

Ohhhh, Addison.  Quite the entertainer!

Since it was close to bedtime... I let them SPLIT one for dessert.  


Alaina said...

Yum! Love those "helpers"

Anonymous said...

OMG, Trevor is really starting to lose his "baby features" isn't he?? He's starting to look SO grown up!! ~~Sue