Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bible Olympics

Trevor's pre-school had their annual Bible Olympics yesterday. Addison and I were able to go and attend/participate! They started us off in the chapel with their monthly bible verse the kids memorized and a welcome song followed by instructions on the events:

Then they set us free to wonder the area to participate in all the activities. We started off with a couple tattoos...
Addison played in the sandbox while Trevor got his tattoos

And then it was off to conker the Wall of Jericho. (which I think was the kids' favorite event... you may want to mute your computer for this video) They stacked up a bunch of empty cardboard boxes in a row to make a wall...then they marched around it blowing the most annoying sounding whistles ever made until the teacher rang her bell and they lunged at the wall and knocked it down.....and then had to rebuild it!!!

Then we went to God's Snack Shack for fruit and water. Before we knew it we were off to the potato sack races, which was Trevor's favorite event. (Addison's too)

Addison just chased the kids back and forth and screamed and laughed. She thought they must have looked pretty ridiculous hopping around in a bunch of sacks.

We made it back to the chapel for some hula hoop fun...

And then it was time for the closing ceremony where the kids sang one more song before receiving their GOLD MEDALS!

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