Saturday, April 25, 2009

Toby Keith flies with the Uglies

Toby Keith (the "other" love of my life) was in Afghanistan on a USO tour and was the honorable guest of the Ugly Angels a few days ago. They got to fly him around and enjoy a little concert in the desert, as well as grill out with "Big Daddy".

Here, the pilots are fighting over who gets to fly Toby...
Kelly Attwood won because he was the section leader.
Attwood on left, Nick on the right

Toby under the shade hanging with the Uglies

Prepping for a picture with the flag

Toby signing the flag box (that is being shipped to me!) as Nick tells him: "You know my wife said she'd leave me for you"....Toby's response: "Aw shucks man, you gotta take better care of your woman!" I'm all giddy typing this out because Nick and Toby talked about me....EEEEEeeeeee!!!
Align Center
Posing for a pic with Toby, the flag and the helo. Nick is just to the right of Toby.

On stage getting ready to sing.

Attwood and Nick enjoying a post concert smoke.
Nick flying 'home'

(the green fields are either poppy or wheat)


Anonymous said...

Julie S.

Anonymous said...

Way Cool!

Ladners'Latest said...

Toby Keith knows who you are!! hehe

Anonymous said...


Why don't you come hang out with the rest of us Toby-lovers at Join the fan club and join us on the forum. :)

Please send thanks to your husband from all of us Toby fans!