Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

The Easter Bunny brought some goodies for the kids this morning!

Trevor was very excited about his giant chocolate bunny, and enormous M&M!

OMG!!!! McKenzie was so excited about her Green Converse Shoes, she had to IMMEDIATELY text her BFF Tiani and tell her about it....and THEN she could pose for a picture. LOL!

I made reservations at the O'Club on base for their Easter Brunch. However, the only time they had available when I called last week was 8:30AM, so I guess it was more of an Easter Breakfast. Here we are all ready to go! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa "Bob" for the easter package we got the other day. The kids were all able to wear the clothes you sent!!! Yes, McKenzie is wearing a dress. She was upset her green converse shoes didn't quite match....oh well!

After we filled out bellies, the kids grabbed Addi's hands and assisted her up the steps... she thought that was pretty silly! And the girls posing outside for a quick pic! It was a beautiful morning!
After arriving home with full bellies from breakfast, the kids were BEGGING for the Easter Egg Hunt. Please, please, please! So, here they are, buckets and egg carton in hand, receiving instructions on who has what color of eggs and how many they need to find...

And then they were OFF...

Trevor at the halfway mark... 6 down, 6 to go!

Addison did pretty good, except each time she would bend over to grab an egg, her basket would dump out...
*Alaina, notice the 2 cute little baby banana trees growing behind Addi in the first pic. The original tree has passed on, but not before sprouting a couple offspring! Yay!

Just a few more.....and then it was inside to inspect the contents!

Now it's quiet time before deciding what to do the rest of the day besides sneaking pieces of Easter candy...


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Ladners'Latest said...

Ok, so I have lots of comments...
1)McKenzie...LOVE your cute dress. You look very nice!
2) look so make me sick :)
3) I love Addi's pony tail.
4)I'm mourning the loss of the banana tree...but rejoicing in the babies she left behind!
5) Don't eat too many pieces of candy like I did...I have a belly ache (go figure) and my child is bouncing off the walls!!!