Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Every Day is Mother's Day

I started out my day by seeing McKenzie off to school, and dropping Trevor off at preschool. Then Addison and I headed to the doctor for my 26 week checkup.

Everything went great... well, besides Addison making a poo poo in her diaper while we waited in the room. Of course today being the day I didn't bring in diapers or wipes. Ugh! So when the doctor finally made it in the room, I immediately apologized for the aroma she walked into. She has 4 boys of her own, and just laughed it off!

ANYWAYS... she did a quick measurement and we listened to the heart rate (150's) and we were on our way! I have to go back in 2 weeks to do the glucose test. And then back for a checkup one week after that!

Next on our list of things to do was to hit the commissary. Addison and I were rounding the produce section when a commissary employee approached me holding a HUGE gift basket and asked if I would like a free fruit basket. "uh...sure!" It was for their "Every Day Is Mothers' Day" Promotion they were running these past couple months. So I just had to sign a photo release so they could take my picture and put it in the commissary newsletter (or something) and then he loaded up my cart with the ginormous basket o' oranges and apples. It also had a nice card and a $20 Jamba Juice Gift Card included! How awesome is that?!?!
By the time we finished at the commissary (it was hard to get all my list of items in my cart with the huge fruit basket....but I'm not complaining) it was time to go pick up Trevor.

What an eventful morning!!!

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