Friday, May 7, 2010

Busy Week

We had a crazy busy week here...

Between appointments, and practices, and band concerts... I don't know how I am still up to post this.

Dr. Addison was up early one morning with a patient... who was so cooperative. If only Addison would be like that! (Pray for us Wednesday as we go to our ENT appointment. I hope that she will be a good girl!)We had some tree people in our yard tonight. The landlords had them come take down a couple dead trees in the yard. They were getting bad and were a bit of a danger. The kids and I sat up on the deck and watched them climb up the trees, and drop down sections of the trees on their way back down.
All I know is that there are probably a few grey squirrels wondering where their house is tonight... poor things. Homeless squirrels.

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