Monday, May 3, 2010

Photographs by Trevor

Trevor asked me ever so sweetly if he could take the camera around the house and take pictures. How could I say no?

So, here are a few of his best. I'll spare you the majority of them, which were random items from all over the house, and every section of every shelf of my big pantry. (He wanted to show Grandma Bob how much food we had.)

Starting off, here is our front door. This is what Trevor does to my curtain every morning. He doesn't care that I put them back down every day... he always ties them back up the next day. He likes them like that!
This is Tyler waking up from his nap, and mommy wishing she could take one.
Close up.
This one almost made Trevor pee his pants. We looked at this one and just giggled til our tummies hurt!

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Anonymous said...

Tyler is ADORABLE and you look great Kim! Crazy thing your family has doubled since I saw you:( I still love your blog!
Miss you, Sara