Sunday, May 23, 2010

Turner B&B status: NO VACANCY

Yesterday morning, Trevor had a double pajama birthday party for a couple girls in his preschool class, complete with bacon, pancakes and all the fixins! We sang them happy birthday and watched them blow out the candles on their crispy creme donut tower cake and then we were off to the airport to pick up my parents and my grandpa!

It wasn't long after we got them back to the house and settled in, before we were off and running again to McKenzie's FIRST SOFTBALL GAME!

She played 2nd base (orange team) and got two outs at her base! She also walked once and hit a foul ball, before walking again. She even got to (walk) to home and contribute to the score count! She's on a 12/13 year old league who are on their first or second year of the sport. So a lot of the girls are trying to grasp the concept of the game... (that's all I'll say)

If you don't count the fact that her team had to officially forfeit for not having enough team members at game time, with a little help from the other team to make a 9 players, the Orange team pulled through and won the game!
She did a GREAT job of watching the balls come in from all the different pitchers in each innings!
Grandpa and Dad did the best they could to cheer her on as loud as they could and embarrass her to the best of their abilities. Along with the rest of the Turner/Wilson crew under the only canopy at the game! (sorry no pic)
Walkin' to first.
We had a lazy Sunday morning watching the rain, and then we headed to the National Marine Corps Museum (while Nick stayed home with the little ones)
By this time the sun was out in full force...
Then we relaxed again back at the house while Nick prepared bacon wrapped shrimp and shish-ka-bobs for the grill.

I showed my grandpa my vegetable garden and he gave me some tips while we dug around the radishes to discover my FIRST HARVEST:

My very first radish!
If the weather cooperates tomorrow, I should have some more exciting pictures to share with you! We are really enjoying our time with "Gamma, Pappa & Gate Pappa" (in the words of Addison)


Ladners'Latest said...

Nick's chair at the game looks mighty comfy! Way to go McKenzie. I used to love watching my sister play softball.

Anonymous said...

Great family pics! Your garden is really coming along. I have my stuff planted and they are growing! Tell your folks I said hello.

Julie S.