Monday, May 3, 2010

Dr. Addison

This afternoon we took Addison BACK to the doctor to get a closer look at her tonsils. After discussing with the doctor (during Tyler's checkup) she decided she wanted her to come back again to take a good look at her throat, even if it meant torturing her to do so.

So, we got her pink doctor kit (thank you Larry and Judy) and headed out. She was so excited to go to the doctor since she had her doctor 'tools' with her to show the doctor. We even practiced them, and opened our mouth really wide....
We walked into the office swinging our doctor kit proudly... sat in the chair and smiled... told Mommy "I'm going to be a good girl!" The nurse called her name: Addison.

She went from all smiles to fear stricken child in .2 seconds. We walked down the hall around the corner until the scale was in view.

"I no wanna do dat, Mommy... I no wanna do dat."

So I told the nurse (which is another story) that we were just there 2 weeks ago, we were just here to look at her tonsils, and that weighing her would be tramatic and kill our chances of having a successful assessment with the doctor. So she moved on. (thank you!)

Addison hesitantly let her take her temperature. Then we were off to our designated room to wait. Addison made sure to tell me over and over: "I no wanna sit up there." Pointing to the exam table... Meaning, she would remain on my lap for the duration of our visit.

The doctor came in, we discussed our concerns, and then she played along with the doctor kit, which Addison soon became quite possessive over. Grabbing her 'tools' out of the doctors hands. (Not a proud moment... NO GRABBING!)

Listening to breath sounds, she kicked the doc's legs while I pinned her hands down and shushed her... (sorry!) Time to open the mouth. I started talking about how we practiced and how she got to look in daddy's mouth, and mommy and trevor's mouths to see if she could see the cupcakes we had eaten the other night. So the doctor went with it, and talked her down, and convinced her to look in her mouth to see if SHE could see any cupcakes!!! SUCCESS!

Results: The doctor was surprised that her tonsils weren't as big as she had anticipated, due to her extreme mouth breathing. So, now she thinks it's her nasal passage. Or a combo of that, slightly enlarged tonsils and ears. Great, possibly a triple whammy!

Good news: Thank goodness I walked away with an ENT referral. I am anxious to see what the specialist thinks. As well as what may be in store for us in the near future. *sigh*

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