Thursday, May 27, 2010


While we weren't off site seeing, our visitors, who according to Addison, went by the names of:
"Gamma" - Grandma
"Pappa" - Grandpa and,
"Pappa Allawon" (pappa other one) - Great Grandpa

...just hung out at the house and spent time with the kiddos. Here, grandpa and Tyler are looking under the TV stand for.... I'm not sure what. Tyler kept looking under there, so grandpa thought he'd take a look see too.
Tyler got a hold of grandpa's shades.
Take 2...
Take 3...
And since Addison always seems to be wearing a hat of some sorts, and it seems that she is fascinated with winter caps, I found her this pretty hat online here that came with a dainty pink flower. I wanted her to model it for me, but she was just SO THIRSTY (and didn't want to put the cup down for the picture)
The weather was mostly nice and warm... so we spent some time out on the back deck.
Yesterday, my grandpa and dad flew back home. We took a quick picture with my grandpa in front of our house before we headed to the airport! My mom will be staying a little bit longer!!!

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