Friday, October 29, 2010

Another Halloween Package

We got another package on our doorstep today. So the little ones and I opened it up to see all its treasures!

This was something my my mom set out during the fall! She has passed it down to me so that my little ones will enjoy it too! And they did!In fact, they enjoyed it so much, that I had to make a really loud screaming noise to get both of their attention so I could take their picture LOOKING IN MY DIRECTION!
See? Tyler is like, "What is wrong with you?"

My mom filled a little pumpkin for ALL OF US to SHARE! Addison saw it right as I opened the package and was so excited that Grandma and Grandpa were nice enough to send this overflowing pumpkin full of candy and treats JUST FOR HER!
Also in the package were a couple wooden pumpkin kits! I stuck the ghost one on right away! It's so cute! (I turned one of our pumpkins around. Shhh, don't tell Addison it was hers.

Do you like how I used my plant stand as a multi-purpose pumpkin stand?
The rest of the contents will appear at a later date. I'll need some assistance for some, and others will have to wait until AFTER Halloween!

Thank you mom (Grandma Bob)!


Ladners'Latest said...

Addi's hair looks so good! And I love ghost pumpkin...and the cute setup.

Melissa said...

Your mom is so sweet!

And I LOVE your idea about the planters as pumpkin holders!! Must remember that for next year! :)