Wednesday, October 20, 2010


McKenzie and Trevor had dentist appointments after school yesterday. I had to drag the little ones along for the ride.

Addison attempted to sneak back to the back with them, but I kept her in the waiting room with me and Tyler. I kept her entertained by letting her listen to McKenzie's iPod.

Which in turn kept the staff entertained as she sang to "I Gotta Feelin'" by Black Eyed Peas over and over again.

"Tonights gonna be a GOOD NIGHT.... tonight's gonna be a GOOD GOOD Niiiiiiiiiight"
and... "Ooooo Hoooo"
She had no idea how loud she was singing!

Tyler was totally engaged in the Highlights magazine the entire time. (even if it WAS upside down).

The best part of the day.... No cavities!


Anonymous said...

Good to hear there were no cavities...especially with all those yummy sweets you bake! I would probably freak with two little ones to watch in the waiting room!

Julie S.

Ladners'Latest said...

That's my girl! Tell Addi the next time the peas are in concert, I"ll take her too! :)