Saturday, October 23, 2010

Carving Pumpkins

Tonight after supper we had a pumpkin carving party! Nick cut the tops off, and the kids started scraping out the guts...

Trevor could hardly stand to stick his hand in the slimy goo... (which didn't surprise me after Nick nearly gagged while cleaning out the kids' pumpkins for them)
But Kenzie was ALL BUSINESS!
The guts bucket.... and the seed bowl.

Tyler was terrified of his pumpkin. He refused to stick his arm down the deep dark hole.
So mommy lead by example... no go.
I pulled out some seeds for him to touch, but he still wouldn't stick his arm inside the pumpkin...
I tried putting the seeds down closer... and we even threw a toy in the pumpkin for him to 'fish out'... but he was not playin' that game! So we gave up and Mommy cleaned out the pumpkin!
Then it was on to drawing out the face, and daddy doing the carving...
The kids got to poke out the pieces.
McKenzie's was TOP SECRET until completion, so I had to take this picture without looking... and she lifted the veil just long enough for me to snap the picture!

Addison & Trevor's Pumpkins...
Tyler & McKenzie's pumpkins...
Daddy carved Trevor's initials in the side of his pumpkin!
The final products out on our front steps!


Ginny said...

Too funny that no one wanted to put their hands in the pumpkins--especially Tyler.
But I see that the face paintings are still in tact!

Anonymous said...

LOL!! Great looking pumpkins!

Julie S.

Ladners'Latest said...

Very cute pumpkins! I didn't know Nick was such a pansy! lol (You can tell him I said that)

Did you toast the yummy pumpkin seeds? Those are my favorite.