Sunday, October 17, 2010

Together Again

My friend Alaina and her son Andrew, along with her parents, were on a 2 week road trip along the East Coast... going wherever the road would take them, when they made a special stop at the Turner house!!!! Ironically enough, it had been 1 year TO THE DAY since we had seen them last, the day we left Hawaii!

And for this special occasion, our friend Julie, who lives less than 2 hours away, came over to see Alaina as well!

It was so great to see Alaina and her family after all this time! I really miss hanging out with my "Ugly Angel Hawaii" friends!

Nick grilled some Iowa chops and we invited the Minaldi's over too, another former Ugly Angel family who is currently assigned to HMX-1!

Alaina-Kim-Julie-Christie(I cannot even begin to tell you how many pictures we had to take to get one where we all looked decent. Julie, Nick asked me if I was going to post 'that one' picture... your welcome for not doing so, and Alaina, I have a couple good ones of you too!)

The Minaldi's had a beautiful baby girl 3 months ago, so we got to play with her as well! She is so gorgeous, and looks just like her daddy! Tyler was loving on her all evening!
After our delicious dinner, we fired up our brand new ice cream machine for some good ol' homemade ice cream. We had each of the kids hand crank it for a while until they got tired, and we put the electric motor on it!

The ice cream was awesome! It was a huge hit! But, I think I could have added a little more lemon flavoring to it, Dad! MMmmmmm.

Alaina and Andrew stayed with us last night, we enjoyed a lovely breakfast by Nick, and they were off, on their last day of driving back to Alabama. You can read all about their awesome travels on her blog here.

Alaina's husband Drew is currently deployed to Afghanistan, so please keep him and the rest of our Ugly Angel family in your prayers until their return in March.


Lesley and Zachary said...

Wish I could have been there! Everyone looks great!

Krista said...

I can't believe it's been a year since you guys left. Missing you all.

Anonymous said...

I love the title to this blog...just like the ol' Buck Owens song! We had a great time and great food. Thanks for not posting the "outakes";)

Julie S.

Ladners'Latest said...

It was SO good to see you guys. Next time I'm totally staying more than a day! :) And like Julie said...muchas gracias for not posting the "other" pictures. lol