Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend Update...Daddy's Helpers, Etc...

Our neighbor got a lot of mudding and taping done in the garage. Nick thinks he can have it all done in one more good day! Nick finished putting up the drywall in the bathroom, since out tile guy was unable to make it over this afternoon. He had to take his little boy to the ER to get stitches. He said he'd try to make it over Monday after work to grout the bathroom!

Meanwhile, Nick realized the vanity won't fit the plumbing, so our plumber will have to come back to move the plumbing for the sink over a few inches. Our old vanity had a sink that was off center. The new one is centered and so the plumbing coming from the wall is over too far and hits the drawers on the new vanity. Argh!

On a good note, Nick was able to finish up one whole side of vent holes... 20 to go.

Today was a big work day for everyone! Trevor helped Daddy screw several screws in a board in the garage...
McKenzie mowed the yard....while it rained. (I don't think you can see the rain in the picture, though) It was hot and sunny when she started, then out of nowhere, it just came down! Luckily she only had a couple rounds left.
But it's not All Work and No Play here.... when our work was done, we jumped in the pool. Addison even took her first dip in the pool with Mommy! She took a little while to get used to it...the accidental splashes in the face by her siblings didn't help, but eventually she got used to it and had fun splashing, and rolling the ball back and forth with Trevor.
Nick grilled some Iowa Pork Chops for supper and we ate out on the lanai... check out the beautiful sunset we got to enjoy as we ate!

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Ladners'Latest said...

Ok so I just realized that I've missed like 47 of your posts! I enjoyed playing catch up. The bathroom looks GREAT! I can't wait to see it.

You should've seen that sunset from this side! Man oh man! Mom took some pics. I'll try and post those one of these days.