Sunday, September 21, 2008

Crazy Weekend

Here is Trevor's version of Where's Waldo? Can you find him?
Here he is sandwiched between two 'jelly sacks'! (bean bags)
Nick's parents got here Thursday evening. It has been non stop ever since. Nick Took Thursday and Friday off so that he could get some things done around the house and spend some extra time with his folks while they are here.

Grandma & Addison watching daddy work in the garageNick's goal before he leaves tonight is to get his garage painted and organized. As of this morning, it's half painted and things are gradually getting put back to where they belong.
We've had some spontaneous showers throughout the fact, as I'm typing this, it just started raining! Ironic! The waterfalls were rockin' the other day, so I tried to get a few pictures of them. It was pretty hazy from the clouds, though. Here are a couple pics I took from our backyard with the zoom lense.The tile guy was here Saturday morning into the afternoon and finished the tile in the back bathroom. Our plumber will be here on Monday to plumb in the sink and toilet and put on the shower head, etc.

I'll wait to post pictures until it's cleaned up. I need to go clean the grout up with some vinegar and water.

And, there is still some taping and mudding to be done in there before we can paint and call it completed! Soon, though, soon!

Nick leaves tonight for Yuma, Arizona for 5 weeks of WTI instructing! He'll be flying with the new WTI students. When that is done, he'll stay there and be joined by the rest of the squadron to do some desert training in preperation for their upcoming deployment back to Iraq. That is another 2 weeks. Poo! :(

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