Thursday, September 18, 2008

Quick Update

Today is a busy day for EVERYONE in the Turner house...well, except for Addison. Nick is now on leave until he leaves for Yuma on Sunday. He is going for 5 weeks to be an augment instructor for the WTI class this round. The same class he just completed a few months ago! So, today he went on Trevor's first field trip ever to go on the Glass Bottom Boat out here in Kaneohe Bay! Nick took the camera, so I hope to post some pictures from their adventures later.

McKenzie has school pictures today, so after helping me clean the house last night, I chopped a few inches off her long long hair to give her a fresh look!

Me? Today I am rushing around 'trying' to finish up cleaning the house before Nick's parents get here this afternooon, then it's off to the commissary to stock up on some grub...

Addison is currently napping....and as much as I would love to join her, I have too much to do, and not enough time!

The back bathroom is moving along. Our tile guy is coming back this afternoon to finish up the tile...I took a preview picture of what it looks like now, with 1 1/2 walls tiled, but it's still on the camera which is now on the glass bottom boat! So, I'll post pictures of that as well.

September has been a super crazy busy month, and I don't know where it has gone. The rest of the year is going to fly by just as quickly I'm afraid. Our trip home for the holidays is still pending due to the outrageous plane ticket prices. It's sickening.

Check back later, updates are coming your way!!! Alright, enough stalling, now, back to cleaning....

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