Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another Long Weekend...

Nick started demolition on the 2nd bathroom yesterday on his day of leave. Here are the before pictures: (Isn't it just awful???)
There goes bathtub #2!
...and down the hall!
Today, the plumber is expected to be here any minute to put in the fixtures to the main shower, toilet and hook up the vanity! Then he will start working on the 2nd bathroom...

Nick and I did the ever so painful mudding and taping in the main bathroom hoping we could get the painting done before this morning...but we didn't get to the painting.

Three guys in Nick's squadron had a wetdown for getting promoted to Lt. Commander and Captains, so we dropped the kids off at our friend Sherree's and headed down to Waikiki to help celebrate! The night went a little later than planned, so we weren't in any condition to paint when we got home.

McKenzie started Volleyball practice this week. She goes twice a week after school and in a few weeks will start to have games. She enjoyed it last year and wanted to do it again this year!

I signed Trevor up for Tumble Bus Hawaii at school. It comes every Thursday for the kids to play in each week. I didn't have him signed up for last month and he was SO disappointed when he couldn't go on it. So I made sure to get him in this month! He got a t-shirt and a sticker adn a stamp. And it was all he talked about when I picked him up that day.

Trevor had his school pictures Friday. He was so excited. He wore a new shirt from grandma "Bob" and had mommy cut his hair the night before. We even practiced our smiles! Nick picked him up that day and asked Trevor if he smiled big for his pictures, Trevor laughed and said "No Daddy, I just smiled small!"

More updates to come soon...

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