Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Finally Tooth #3...Pineapple & Tile

I let Addison suck on some fresh pineapple today. I had to really get a good hold on it though because she nearly sucked it right out of my hand! I think it's pretty safe to say that she likes it!This morning her top left tooth finally broke through the gums. She has been working on this one for weeks!!! So now we have 3 teeth! I got Nick to snag a quick picture today at lunch!
I washed down the tile in the bathroom tonight with vinegar and water to clean up the grout! Our tile guy came over last night and put the grout down. It only took a couple hours!
We are hoping to get the plumber back out here this weekend to put the new fixtures in, move the sink plumbing over so we can hook up the vanity/sink...and maybe get started on the other bathroom! We'll keep you posted! Tomorrow Addison has her 9 month check up....there will be shots.

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