Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Morning....and Art by Trevor

Polka-Dot Snake
My friend Sherree is traveling the islands with her dad today, so Hannah and Hudson are hangin' with the Turners today!
They arrived bright and early this morning....Nick took the boys to pre-school and the girls got busy playing!
They are both big climbers and grabbers and are both very active!
Addison getting curious about the camera.
After a few hours of playing, this little one just gave up. One second she was playing and the next, I look over and she was out!
It's lunch time, this should be fun...and interesting!
The boys are back so I'm now in a world of experiencing twins...times 2!
At the ages of 4 and 1!
Thank goodness McKenzie has a short day today and will be home around 1PM! I am going to really need an extra pair of hands...but so far so good! It's just really busy here!

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