Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend Warrior

Our tile guy was here this morning to frame out the 'custom' shower pan in the back bathroom off McKenzie's bedroom. He is going to try to come back on Tuesday to start tiling.
This bathroom will look so nice once it's done...but really, that isn't saying much because any improvement to this bathroom will be so wonderful! So I should say, this bathroom is going to ROCK!!!
McKenzie, Trevor & Mommy jammin' on Rockband.
Mommy & Addison rockin' out on the guitar!
Addison kickin' back in her walker. (yawning)
McKenzie putting on the second coat of paint in the hall bathroom. It is now a functioning bathroom, minus the towel rack, toiled paper holder, and shower curtain. We no longer have to hike upstairs to the master bathroom to pee! Yay! It was more a pain because I made everyone wait until Addison was up from her nap because she is such a light sleeper upstairs!!!
Here, McKenzie and Trevor are sanding the bathroom door before applying a fresh coat of paint! I made Nick find Trevor a very important piece of wood that needed to be painted so that Trevor wouldn't feel left out. He did a very good job!

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