Sunday, September 20, 2009

Aloha (Goodbye) Molly

The last few weeks we have been searching for a good home for Molly before we move.  Due to our extensive travels between Hawaii and Virginia, we decided that it would be best for Molly to stay behind and find a good family who will love her and take good care of her. 

We got her when she was only 9 weeks old and her ears were bigger than her sweet little head.  She was part of our family for nearly 4 years.  But today, she will be a belated birthday surprise for a sweet little brand new 2 year old who, according to her daddy, has just as much energy as Molly. 

McKenzie had a hard time saying goodbye, which pulled on all of our heartstrings. There were lots of tears.  Trevor gave her a quick kiss, waved to her and said, "I'll miss you Molly!"  Addison ran in, said "Bye Bye Lolly", and then ran out. And then she was off to her new family.

We may just have to buy a real doorbell now that our 'barking' one is gone. And how will we ever know when someone is standing at our front door, or how many people walk past our house each day... or when a gecko is sneaking in our rafters. 

We've already caught ourselves this evening calling for her when Addi spilled her food on the floor, and are still shutting all the doors to keep her from rummaging through the garbage, or dirty laundry.

A Hui Hou, Molly
(Until we meet again)

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Anonymous said...

Glad you found her a good home. She looks so innocent in the pics, but we know better!
Julie S.